Lagwagon - Putting Music In Its Place (USADA) (Vinilos de color)
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Lagwagon - Putting Music In Its Place (USADA) (Vinilos de color)

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A1 Tragic Vision
A2 Foiled Again
A3 Bury The Hatchet
A4 Angry Days
A5 Noble End
A6 Child Inside
A7 Bad Moon Rising
B1 Beer Goggles
B2 Parents Guide To Easy Living
B3 Mr. Coffee
B4 Of Mind And Matter
B5 Stop Whining
B6 Lagwagon
B7 Demented Rumors
C1 No Hard Feelings *
C2 Truth And Justice
C3 Lost In Another Time *
C4 No Conviction
C5 Holy Shit *
C6 Goleta Shuffle *
D1 Jaded Ways
D2 Tragic Vision *
D3 Runs In The Family *
D4 Color Blind *
A1 Island Of Shame
A2 Lazy
A3 Know It All
A4 Stokin’ The Neighbors
A5 Give It Back
A6 Rust
A7 Goin’ South
B1 Dis’Chords
B2 Coffee And Cigarettes
B3 Brown Eyed Girl
B4 Whipping Boy
B5 No One
B6 Bye For Now
B7 Back One Out
C1 The Champ (Outtake)
C2 Choke (Early Version)
C3 Give It Back (Early Version)
C4 Path Of Least Resistance (Demo) *
C5 Know It All (Demo) *
C6 Rust (Demo) *
D1 Island Of Shame (Demo) *
D2 Lazy (Demo) *
D3 Whipping Boy (Demo) *
D4 Stokin’ The Neighbors (Demo) *
D5 Goin’ South (Demo) *
D6 Jazzy Jeff
D7 Whipping Boy (Acoustic)
A1 Kids Don’t Like To Share
A2 Violins
A3 Name Dropping
A4 Bombs Away
A5 Move The Car
A6 Sleep
A7 Sick
B1 Rifle
B2 Weak
B3 Black Eyes
B4 Bro Dependent
B5 Razor Burn
B6 Shaving Your Head
B7 Ride The Snake
C1 Wind In Your Sail (Outtake)
C2 Drive By (Outtake)
C3 Over The Hill (Outtake)
C4 Laymen’s Terms (Outtake)
C5 Defeat You (Outtake)
C6 Name Dropping (Early Version) *
D1 Bitter Old Man *
D2 Sinatragandhi *
D3 Black Eyes (Acoustic) *
D4 Sick (Demo) *
D5 Shaving Your Head (Demo) *
D6 Derrick Instrumental (Demo) *
Double Plaidinum
A1 Alien 8
A2 Making Friends
A3 Unfurnished
A4 One Thing To Live
A5 Today
A6 Confession
A7 Bad Scene
B8 Smile
B9 Twenty Seven
B10 Choke
B11 Failure
B12 To All My Friends
B13 Goodbye
C14 Brodeo (Outtake)
C15 Raise A Family (Outtake)
C16 Restrain (Outtake)
C17 One Like You (Outtake)
C18 Freedom Of Choice (Outtake)
C19 Twenty Seven (Original Mix)
D20 Alien 8 (Acoustic)
D21 Making Friends (Acoustic)
D22 Brodeo (Acoustic)
D23 Goodbye (Acoustic)
D24 To All My Friends (Acoustic)
Let's Talk About Feelings
A1 After You My Friend
A2 Gun In Your Hand
A3 Leave The Light On
A4 Change Despair
A5 Train
A6 Hurry Up And Wait
A7 Everything Turns Grey
B1 Love Story
B2 Messengers
B3 The Kids Are All Wrong
B4 May 16
B5 Owen Meaney
C1 A Feedbag Of Truckstop Poetry (7 Inch)
C2 Alison’s Disease
C3 Narrow Straits
C4 Eat Your Words (7 Inch)
C5 Want (7 Inch)
C6 Burn That Bridge When We Get To It
D1 Losing Everyone
D2 Jimmy Johnson
D3 Randal Gets Drunk
D4 Messengers (Early Version)
D5 Bring On The Dancing Horses
D6 Off The Wagon (Demo) *
D7 May 16 (Acoustic)
D8 Burn That Bridge When We Get To It (Acoustic)
Lag Wagon* – Tragic Vision / Angry Days
A Tragic Vision
B Angry Days