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A1 Bombtrack 4:04
A2 Killing In The Name 5:14
A3 Take The Power Back 5:37
A4 Settle For Nothing 4:48
A5 Bullet In The Head 5:09
B1 Know Your Enemy 4:55
B2 Wake Up 6:04
B3 Fistful Of Steel 5:31
B4 Township Rebellion 5:24
B5 Freedom 6:06
Rage Against The Machine
CD1-1 Bombtrack 4:04
CD1-2 Killing In The Name 5:14
CD1-3 Take The Power Back 5:37
CD1-4 Settle For Nothing 4:48
CD1-5 Bullet In The Head 5:09
CD1-6 Know Your Enemy 4:55
CD1-7 Wake Up 6:04
CD1-8 Fistful Of Steel 5:31
CD1-9 Township Rebellion 5:24
CD1-10 Freedom 6:06
Bonus Tracks
CD1-11 Bombtrack (Live) 5:53
CD1-12 Bullet In The Head (Live) 5:44
CD1-13 Take The Power Back (Live) 6:14
The Original Demos
CD2-1 Bombtrack 4:05
CD2-2 Take The Power Back 5:40
CD2-3 Bullet In The Head 5:09
CD2-4 Darkness Of Greed 3:40
CD2-5 Clear The Lane 3:48
CD2-6 Township Rebellion 4:19
CD2-7 Know Your Enemy 4:19
CD2-8 Mindset's A Threat 3:56
CD2-9 Killing In The Name 6:28
CD2-10 Auto Logic 4:07
CD2-11 The Narrows 4:35
CD2-12 Freedom 5:40
"The Battle Of Britain" Finsbury Park, London, England (June 6, 2010)
DVD1-1 Testify
DVD1-2 Bombtrack
DVD1-3 People Of The Sun
DVD1-4 Know Your Enemy
DVD1-5 Bulls On Parade
DVD1-6 Township Rebellion
DVD1-7 Bullet In The Head
DVD1-8 White Riot
DVD1-9 Guerilla Radio
DVD1-10 Sleep Now In The Fire
DVD1-11 Freedom
DVD1-12 Killing In The Name Of
Music Videos
DVD1-13 Killing In The Name (1992)
DVD1-14 Bullet In The Head (1993)
DVD1-15 Bombtrack (1993)
DVD1-16 Freedom (1993)
DVD1-17 Bulls On Parade (1996)
DVD1-18 People Of The Sun (1996)
DVD1-19 No Shelter (1998)
DVD1-20 Guerilla Radio (1999)
DVD1-21 Sleep Now In The Fire (2000)
DVD1-22 Testify (2000)
DVD1-23 Renegades Of Funk (2000)
DVD1-24 How I Could Just Kill A Man (2000)
Live Clips
DVD1-25 The Ghost Of Tom Joad
DVD1-26 Vietnow
DVD1-27 People Of The Sun
DVD1-28 Bulls On Parade
DVD1-29 Bullet In The Head
DVD1-30 Zapata's Blood
DVD1-31 Know Your Enemy
DVD1-32 Bombtrack
DVD1-33 Tire Me
DVD1-34 Killing In The Name
First Public Performance Cal State North Ridge, CA (October 23, 1991)
DVD2-1 Killing In The Name
DVD2-2 Take The Power Back
DVD2-3 Auto Logic
DVD2-4 Bullet In The Head
DVD2-5 Hit The Deck
DVD2-6 Township Rebellion
DVD2-7 Darkness Of Greed
DVD2-8 Clear THe Lane
DVD2-9 Clamptown
DVD2-10 Know Your Enemy
DVD2-11 Freedom
Pinkpop 1994
DVD2-12 Freedom
Vic Theatre 1993
DVD2-13 Take The Power Back
Jc Dobbs 1993
DVD2-14 Fistful Of Steel
Soundstage Performance 1992
DVD2-15 Bombtrack
Halfway House 1992
DVD2-16 Wake Up
Castaic 1992
DVD2-17 Settle For Nothing
San Luis Obispo 1992
DVD2-18 Clear The Lane
CWNN 1992
DVD2-19 Untitled
Zed's Records 1992
DVD2-20 Darkness Of Greed
Nomads 1992
DVD2-21 Wake Up